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  Style A 2.5" Hollow Drill Bits
Style A 2.5" Hollow Drill Bits
  • Fits Challenge

PD14-2.5: 1/4" Standard
PD14T-2.5: 1/4" Standard Coated
PD14P-2.5: 1/4" Premium
PD14PT-2.5: 1/4" Premium Coated

PD516-2.5: 5/16" Standard
PD516T-2.5: 5/16" Standard Coated
PD516P-2.5: 5/16" Premium
PD516PT-2.5: 5/16" Premium Coated

PD38P-2.5: 3/8" Premium
PD38PT-2.5: 3/8" Premium Coated


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